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The side view of the stile and rail connection of our Craftsman doors shows the multiple grooved dowels method of assembly.

The cross section view of the stile and panel of the American Craftsman mahogany door series show the construction detail of the door. The stile features our exclusive "engineered laminate" design to reduce any chance of warping or bowing of the door. And the flat floating panels feature laminated mahogany to eliminate any chance of the panels splitting.

American Craftsman Doors
Custom Stained Glass Doors with Matching Sidelights
Express Your Individuality & Remarkable Style

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American Craftsman Door CMB-2

American Craftsman Door

American Craftsman Door CMB-4
6 Narrow Lite CMB-2
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6 Narrow Lite CMB-3
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6 Narrow Lite CMB-4
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Craftsman Doors

Craftsman Doors

American Craftsman Doors CMC-4
6 Lite CMC-1 Glass
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6 Lite CMC-2 Glass
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6 Lite CMC-4 Glass
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Hunter's Creek Doors - Creekside 2/3 Light

Hunter's Creek Doors - Sterling 3/4 Light

Craftsman CMA-4 Doors
1 Lite CMA-1 Glass
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1 Lite CMA-3 Glass
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Craftsman CMA-4 Door
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Each Craftsman door has a matching sidelight
available in 10", 12", or 14" widths. Craftsman doors
are each available in 3 foot wide by 6 foot 8 inch tall size.

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the American Craftsman Custom Stained Glass Doors Series.

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