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Round Top Single Doors

EERTS Series Round Top Single
The Round Top 8 foot tall single door entry is available in solid door and decorative glass door options. Choose from 36" wide - 1 3/4" thick doors or extra wide 42" doors that are a robust 2 1/4" thick. Stunning with either our standard or distressed finish.

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Sample Entry Configurations (Click on any image for large photo):
Round Top Single Door EERTS2
EERTS2 - 8 foot tall door features 4 panels and raised molding.
Round Top Single Door EERTS4
EERTS4 - 8 foot tall door features our "Brazos" leaded glass panel with bevel highlights.
Round Top Single Door EERTS5
EERTS5 - Shown in photo at top. 8 foot tall door features our "Huntington" leaded glass panel with reamy glass and grey glass border.
Round Top Single Door EERTS6
EERTS6 - 8 foot tall door features our "Aspen" leaded glass panel with your choice of highlight colors.
Round Top Single Door EERTS1
EERTS1 - 8 foot tall door features v-grooved imitation plank appearance and clavos options.
Round Top Single Door EERTS2b
EERTS2b - 8 foot tall door features 2 panels with raised molding, plus a speakeasy with Madrid wrought iron grill.
Round Top Single Door EERTS2c
EERTS2c - 8 foot tall door features 2 large panels and raised molding. Star and Carving options available.
Round Top Single Door EERTS7
EERTS7 - 8 foot tall door features 2 v-grooved plank appearance panels and raised molding Top panel includes speakeasy with Florentine wrought iron. Clavos options available.

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