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Custom Door Options

Our custom doors are available in any size, wood species, finish and glass option you would like. Below are some sample options to help you. All doors are available as interior or exterior door units.

Woods and Finishes

View sample woods and finishes here

A wide variety of standard wood species and finishes are available as shown in the sample page. We can build your door in any type of wood with any custom finish you would like. Other stain colors and species are available, including a "Paint Grade" specie. We offer a "Standard" finish and a "Distressed" finish, each in all colors and wood species.

Standard & Distressed Finishes

All wood species and finish colors are available in our "Standard" and our "Distressed" finish. The Distressed finish offers an antique-like appearance, with scuffs and knife impressions, plus color variations - all applied by hand. The Standard finish offers a smoother, more even appearance.

Distressed finish on cedar at left. Distress finish on knotty alder in center.
Standard finish shown on right.

Clavos and Speakeasy Options

Our doors are available with our unique "Clavos" or antique style door nails mounted on the doors. These clavos are decorative (not structural) and may be mounted on one or both sides of the doors. All clavos are 1.25" wide. Both round and square shapes are available in antique brass and antique pewter finishes.

Our doors are available with an operable "speakeasy opening mounted in the doors. This is an actual inner door that may be opened or closed, mounted in the upper panel of the doors.

View Closeup of clavos and speakeasy here

Woodwork Options

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