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DecoGlass Information

Window Frame Construction Material
Composite frames are available only in our 4' x 4' DecoGlass Size, and are excellent for use in high humidity environments such as bathrooms. Contact us for specific size and availability information.

Clear or Obscure Glass DecoWindows
Your Bevel Cluster DecoGlass Window can be used in many places in your home, and depending upon it's location, you may select either a clear DecoGlass window or an obscure DecoGlass window. The "clear glass" option allows some visibility through the window with only the textured clear glass itself limiting the visibility. The "obscure glass" option, like regular bathroom windows provides a high degree of obscurity. A second piece of textured obscure glass is placed behind the beveled glass panel to further limit visibility. Any of the three designs shown above may be ordered with clear or obscure glass. The photos below demonstrate the degree of clarity allowed in our clear and obscure Bevel Cluster Panel Decoglass windows.

Clear Glass
Obscure Glass
clear glass DecoGlass Window
obscure glass DecoGlass Window

Insulated Glass Panels

Bevel Cluster DecoGlass PanelThe DecoGlass Windows consist of a double or triple-thickness tempered 1" thick glass panel. The Bevel Cluster DecoGlass Panels use clear tempered glass on the inside, a beveled glass panel assembled using brass channel is in the middle of the glass unit, and obscure, tempered glass is on the outside. We can supply these glass panels with clear tempered glass on both sides (instead of the obscure glass) as a "no-charge" option for use where privacy is not necessary.

DecoGlass Window for Image SeriesThe DecoGlass Window for the Image Series consists of a double thickness tempered 1" thick glass panel unit. We use tempered safety glass, to which we
permanently fire the beautiful glass design. Next we permanently secure another piece of clear tempered safety glass behind this first piece. Using a patented method of Insulating Glass, your DecoGlass window will provide the beauty and quality that your beautiful home demands.

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