French Doors - French Light Doors Portobello 12 Light
French Light Doors
Portobello 12 Light 6' 8" 3/4

Available Options
Duracame 32" wide P14651
Duracame 36" wide P08651
Duracame IG 32" wide P14652
Duracame IG 36" wide P08652
Brass IG 32" wide P14654
Brass IG 36" wide P08654

Sidelights Available in
Duracame 12" wide P72651
Duracame 14" wide P73651
Duracame IG 12" wide P72652
Duracame IG 14" wide P73652
Brass IG 12" wide P72651
Brass IG 14" wide P73654

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5 1/4" 6 5/8"
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