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No one makes a better quality beveled glass panel for their doors and windows. Our decorative glass panels are Quality Crafted by GlassCraft to assure you of excellent craftsmanship and elegant design. When choosing your door or window, you may select from one of three different types of decorative glass panels:

Fully Beveled Glass Panels, Bevel Cluster Glass Panels, Stained Glass Panels

Obscure Beveled Glass

Beveled Glass with obscure
"glue chip" glass for added visual
obscurity and maximum privacy

Clear Beveled Glass

Beveled Glass with clear
beveled pieces offer enhanced
optical brilliance and beauty.

Fully Beveled Glass Panels . . .

Fully Beveled Glass Panels are those in which 100% of the individual glass pieces in the door panel have beveled edges to provide the maximum amount of brilliance and sparkle. These Fully Beveled panels are available in 2 options: panels which are constructed using all clear glass, or panels which incorporate obscure "glue chipped" beveled pieces for added privacy. The Clear Fully Beveled Glass designs offered include: Hillsborough, Bourbon Street, Arlington, Courtlandt, and Savoy Designs. The Glue-Chipped Fully Beveled Glass designs offered include: Courtlandt, Creekside, Bering, Sterling, Legend, Tarleton, Colonial and Heritage.

Bevel Cluster Glass Panels . . .

Our Bevel Cluster panels offer beveled glass center groupings or "clusters" of quality hand beveled clear glass pieces, which we combine with crystal obscure glass backgrounds and borders. This combination affords maximum beauty and privacy. The types of textured glass used in these cluster panels are shown below.

Granite Texture Glass Waterglass Texture Glass Chord Texture Glass Glue Chip Texture Glass Hammered Texture Glass
Glue Chip

Stained Glass Panels . . .

Stained Glass PanelsOur new American Craftsman Door Series incorporates glass designs that focus on colored or "stained" glass in the door glass panels. The stained glass in these door panels is hand-made to our colors and specifications. Because this glass is hand-made, each door panel is unique in its appearance. The glass colors vary between individual pieces and the glass panels. Many different glass colors are used in these panels, which can also be custom-made with your own color selection.

We offer more choices and options for your beveled glass door or window! Choose from our exclusive Duracame Assembly or our Brass Came Assembly, and from single-thickness, double-thickness, or triple-thickness glass panels. Whichever you choose, you've selected the best quality available!

Insulated "IG" Panels vs. "Single Glazed" Glass Panels . . .

Our decorative glass panels may be installed in your door or window as a single thickness panel, or as a multi-thickness, insulated glass ("IG") panel. The single thickness or "Single Glazed" panel consists of only the beveled glass panel, which is installed directly into your Portobello Mahogany door. (This option not available in our other door series).

Our "IG" or insulated glass panels are energy efficient, easier to clean, improve security, and help to protect the beveled or stained glass panel from possible breakage. Our Triple-Thickness IG panels permanently seal the glass panel inside of two sheets of tempered safety glass. Whichever type of glass panel you choose - single or triple thickness - will provide excellent results and lasting beauty!
Triple Insulated Glass

Triple thickness insulated IG unit

Single Thickeness Glass Panel

Single thickness glass panel

Glass Panel Metal Assembly Options . . .

Our beveled glass panels may be assembled with your choice of two assembly metals (called "Cames"), which surround each piece of glass and holds the glass panel together. These two metal options include our exclusive Duracame alloy (pewter color), or our beautiful Brass Came (brass color). Both offer superior strength and assurance that your decorative glass door will last. (Note: the Decoglass Window Image Series Glass does not use metal cames).

Duracame came glass assembly

Duracame came assembly

Brass Came Glass Assembly

Brass came assembly

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