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Portobello Beveled Doors - Information

Hurricane Rated Doors - "Portobello Single Doors, Single Door with 2-sidelights with or without transom have been Hurricane Rated and Approved for the Coastal Regions provided they are properly installed under manufactures specifications using a 3-point locking system. Double Door systems have been submitted and are pending approval."

The Portobello Series of beveled doors, sidelights, and transoms are our most versatile series of entrance doors, as it has the most options and sizes. Made from the finest grade of which mahogany wood available,

The cross section view of stille and panel of Portobello Series Mahogany Doors shows the construction detail which incorporates our unique laminated solid wood stiles and "floating" finger jointed full thickness panels, plus raised molding on he front of the door.

The side view of stile and rail of the Portobello Sries Doors shows the multiple grooved dowels method of rail and stile connection.

most of these doors feature extra wide stiles (the long and tall wood members on the sides of the doors). The stiles are "book matched" which means that the grain on the right door stile matches the grain on the left door stile, and they are produced using our exclusive Engineered Construction for superior warp resistance.

The door panels are finger-jointed for extra split resistance. Portobello Doors feature heavy applied 1-3/8" wide molding on the front side of the doors, which adds greater depth and dimension. Multiple grooved dowel reinforcement of stile and rail joints further strengthens the door.

The glass panels for the Portobello doors may be either "single glazed" (meaning the actual decorative glass panel is installed directly into the door without any additional glass sheets), or they may be "triple glazed" or "IG". These IG panels sandwich the decorative beveled glass panel between two sheets of safety tempered glass, which adds safety, security, insulation, and makes the glass panel very easy to clean.

Each Portobello door has a matching transom available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the door also has a match sidelight available in a variety of widths.

Depending upon the door profile, Portobello doors are available in 2 foot 8 inch wide or 3 foot wide. And in either 6 foot 8 inch tall or in 8 foot tall.

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