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What we offer is a leading provider of high quality custom doors, sidelights, transoms and windows for your home. In addition to our doors, we offer custom stained glass design from our in-house professional designers.

Why choose our doors?

Quality and value. No other decorative door company has our dedication to quality - quality of the door, the glass panels, finishing, etc.

We produce our decorative glass panels in our factory in Houston, Texas and you will find that our prices are competitive and offer an excellent value. In addition, we offer what is possibly the most extensive selection of decorative entry doors anywhere. Add to this our limited warranty and you can rest assured that your decision to purchase our product will reward you for many years.

Why choose a wood door?

It's simple - wood is a wonderful building material, offering efficiency, beauty and variety not offered by other door materials. We offer quality and value.

These mahogany doors offer you:

Beauty and Warmth.
Wood doors can be finished to match the interior decor of your home, including your floor, stairway or furniture.

Wood doors are natural insulators, with excessive heat or cold remaining on the outside of your house.

Wood doors can easily be trimmed to fit the exact entry requirements of your individual home. In addition, the rich, warm appearance of the wood grain can be accented by staining with a variety of wood finishes. Nothing else has the beauty of real wood doors.

Hardware choices

We have wide stiles and can be bored to readily accept a wide variety of hardware and security options, including mortise lock sets.

For more information:

What size Doors, Sidelights and Transoms are available?

We offer options to fit all of the sizes currently demanded by home builders today.

Selecting the Right Glass Option

We make more than 500 different glass panels for doors, each with many different available options, so how do you choose which is right for you? Here are few tips to help you in yur selection:

Clear or Obscure Glass?
Do you want to be able to see through your door or others to be able to see in? Generally speaking, the Fully Beveled glass panels allow the most transparency; the Bevel Cluster panels allow the least. However, in each glass series are glass panels with varying degrees of opacity.

Single-Thickness or Triple Thickness Glass?
Generally, the Single-Thickness decorative glass panels are used in the southern states and the thicker Insulated Glass "IG" panels are used in the northern states. However, more and more builders and homeowners are specifying the IG glass.

Brass Came and Duracame?
Any of these decorative panels may be ordered in Brass Came or Duracame as the assembly metal that holds the glass pieces together. The Brass Came is a brass color that over time will acquire a light patina and beautifully darken with age. The Duracame is a medium gray-pewter color that also will darken slightly with age.

Glass Panel Metal Assembly Options
All beveled glass panels may be assembled with your choice of two assembly metals (called "cames"), which surround each piece of glass and hold the beveled glass panel together. These two metal options include their exclusive Duracame alloy (pewter color) or the Beautiful Brass Came (brass color). Choose from their exclusive Duracame Assembly or Brass Came Assembly and from single-thickness or triple-thickness glass panels. Both offer superior strength and assurance that your beveled glass door will last.

Any of the decorative glass panels may be installed your door or window as a single thickness panel or as an insulated glass unit.

The Portobello Series of doors and sidelights are made from the finest grade of white mahogany wood available. The extra wide door stiles incorporate the exclusive laminated construction for superior warp resistance and finger-jointed panels for extra split-resistance. The applied 1-3/8" wide raised molding on the front side of the doors adds greater depth and dimension. Multiple grooved dowel reinforcement of stile and rail joints further strengthens the doors. These doors are protected by our 5-year warranty.

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